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1 year ago

music flower gel eye liner


Dark color.



Music flower gel eyeliner is a long-wear gel eyeliner. it comes in a rectangle shape packaging that has one round tiny shaped bottle containing eyeliner and has one long brush and one small pencil-like brush for applying liner under the eyes. this music flower eyeliner is not a liquid eyeliner but it is gel-based liner which gives long consistency and is smudge-proof .the best thing about gel eyeliners are they are waterproof and does not easily get wipe away with water or wet wipes and gives a long-lasting consistency to the eyes and is durable too. it it comes with an anti-sweat formula mixed with anti-oil formulation which helps in secreting the excess oil formed near eyes and gives a longer duration to the eyeliner and the anti-sweat formula helps in giving coolness to the eyes by not letting sweat comes and thus liner is safe and gets stuck on eyes for relatively long time. It has a professional brush which makes it easy to apply the gel eyeliner and you need not have to buy one for applying rather helps in saving the costs of the brush too and comes in the reasonable brush which gives an intense bold look to the eyes with a matte finish look.

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