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1 year ago

toppik hair building fibres


Instant effect.


Toppik hair building fibers is specially designed for the ones with tiny hair or does not have hair at some parts of the scalp. It comes in unique packaging which is very little in size and has a rectangle shape spray like bottle with a pump dispenser which makes it travel friendly and can be kept in the purse pocket too. it comes in three colors that is black, not and negro . it has hair building fibers and makes full hair coverage instantly . it contains proteins and keratins which gets mix with the natural hair instantly and gets perfectly blend according to the hair type making a realistic natural hair look in the place where hair is not grown. It contains color which pairs perfect with the hair color and give it a real touch that is why this product is an amazing one. It does not go or fade away with the wind , moisture , water, sweat or any other hair products or spray and lasts for longer hours till you wash your head back again. It comes in an affordable price too and can be used by any hair type and goes perfect with any scalp and types of hair which one has. And is absolutely allergic free and does not leave any itchiness on the scalp

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