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1 year ago

pixi milky serum


Pixi hydrating milky serum helps in boosting and revitalizing the skin . this serum is perfect supplement for the skin to keep it nourished and hydrated all day long. It helps in improving elasticity of the skin. This hydrating milky serum by pixi comes in milky white color and leaves a milk like smoothness on the skin making it look supple and is enriched with the goodness of its ingredients it with holds such as aloe vera, jajoba oil, flower extracts, glycerine and tea tree oil which are perfect agent for providing nutrients to the skin making it look way too healthier and clears the marks if any on the skin making a skin tone one shade lighter. It comes in a cream form which is very easy to use and gets absorbs quickly in the skin leaving no weighted feel on it. It has rose extracts which leaves a pleasant fragrance which lasts long for relatively longer hours. , it helps in keeping the skin balance in control and keeps the moisture lock in the skin making the skin look supple and plumpy and bouncy feel. It is free from chemicals and paraben and sls which are considered to be the harmful agents for the skin and comes in affordable price range

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