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1 year ago

paul mitchell serum


Small amount required

Travel friendly


Paul Mitchell super skinny serum is absolutely the perfect hair serum which each one of us Is looking is so far the best hair serum which is perfect for hair styling and gives an shield like protection to the hair and takes care of even the tiniest hair strand. It is also an beauty award receiver . this hair serum by paul Mitchell works wonder on any hair type .this hair serum is humidity resistant and leaves an silky smooth satin like shine on the hair. It comes in a white color sleek bottle with an green cap which has a pump like dispenser on the top which makes it travel friendly due to its sleek design and can be very convenient in its usage . it comes only in one size it aslo acts like an hair conditioner and makes hair frizz free and does not let any tangels get settle on the hair. It takes care of each hair strand individually and gives subtle shine to even the tiniest baby hair. It is very perfect serum which not only smoothens the hair but also makes it mangeable, though it ranges high still is worth the cost for getting shinier hair in no time.

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