Amaira Natural Skincare Intimate Lightening Serum Reviews

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1 year ago

amaira lightening serum


Safe-to-use on intimate areas

Suits all skin types


No harsh chemicals

Made from natural ingredients


Amaira natural skin care intimate lightening serum with mulberry and orchid extract which helps in lightening the dark pots of the skin. It gives fresh and even toned skin . it does not contain harsh chemicals and fragrance , it has natural plant extracts which lighten dark pigments and hyperpigmentation. It is safe to use on sensitive skin can be used to lighten the areas and the marks too . it provides long-lasting results and can be used by both the genders . it hydrates the tired skin and restores back the ph balance of the skin, it smells amazing and works for any issues related to the skin and does not let the skin dry and lose the moisture rather locks it and helps in forming the new skin cells. It comes in cute packaging and with a dispenser which makes it convenient to use and is travel-friendly too

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