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1 year ago

Rootz hair oil


Natural ingredients

No harmful chemicals

Rootz hair oil is an ayurvedic medicine for hair that stops greying of the hair and reduces the hair fall .it cures dandruff and hair related problem and takes care of burning sensations .it also stops hair from is an affordable oil which is easily available and comes in lesser price with lots of benefits .it helps in inducing hair growth and treats the early aging signs. .it is an perfect hair oil for giving relaxation to the head it has natural ingredients and aged old herbs like bhringraj, amla, tea tree oil, and other anti-ageing herbs which is the king for curing hair diseases and problems .they make hair darker and blacker and control the hair fall and makes hair stronger and is regarded as the perfect hair supplement which alone is enough to take care of the hair issues .it is odourless and fragrance-free and does not leaves an oily feel during usage.

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