Beardo Aloe Vera Gel For Hair, Face & Beard Reviews

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1 year ago

beardo aloe vera gel


Natural ingredients

Sturdy tub packaging

Multi-purpose uses

Beardo aloe vera gel for hair face and beard is made with natural ingredients and comes in a sturdy tube packaging which is easy to carry and occupy lesser space in the bag. It is an multi-purpose cream and comes with many benefits. It is hygienic and has very less price , it helps in giving soothing effect to the skin after shaving and also moistures the skin and nourishes it deeply. It has a natural aloe vera content which has an anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties which kills the bacteria causing acne and pimples and soothes the skin with its relaxing water effect and provides calmness and removes dryness from the skin. this beardo aloe vera gel also makes the beard look even and controls hair fall. It comes in a gel-based form and has a greater consistency which feels nonsticky in usage and leave a subtle shine on the skin and the hair

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