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1 year ago

vestige foot cream


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Pamper your feet with Assure vestige foot cream which helps on preventing cracks, helps removing dead skin, hydrates rough and dry feet and locks the moisture and skin irritations. This foot cream nourishes skin and also enriched with witch hazel extract which makes feet look younger and feel softer. The hydrating ingredients such as Shea butter helps restore moisture deeply into the skin and does not damage the skin with no added synthetic chemicals. If your feet have dry skin, itchy and cracked heels,You should wash your feet cleanly and then Try coating your feet with assure vestige foot cream at night before bed or in the morning after shower as the feet will be wet and will absorb the nutrients and minerals in the assure foot cream. And next day enjoy keeping your feet soft, great and clean always. One should use this foot cream daily for preventing dry and rough skin and provides smooth and soothing feet.

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