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1 year ago

icpa thermoseal repair tooth paste



Mint flavour


Icpa thermo seal repair tooth paste is used by the ones who have sensitive teeth. It prevents the cold and hot eatables to effect the sensitive part of the gums and the teeth. It comes in mint flavour which also removes bad odour from the breath and mint effect gives calmness and relation on the sensitive apart of the skin. It has strontium, calcium apatite, unique acid and other agents which protect the teeth from the harmful effects of the plaque and pyorrhoea. It controls even the hyper sensitivity and strengthened the teeth and gums by preventing infections and bacteria causing damage to the roots of the teeth canal. It reduces the redness and pain of the swollen gums. It can be used by anyone also can be used by the childrens .it prevents the teeth from all the infections and should not be used regularly only can be used when infected by some tooth issues

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