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1 year ago

tetleey green tea



Instant refreshment



Tetley Green Tea with the variant lemon and honey provides freshness and relaxation to the body. It contains anti oxidants which fight against free radicals and is better than an apple a day. Now a days lot of people drink green tea, and tetley brand is one among them. Every fitness trainer advice their people to add green tea in their daily routine. It not only reduces mental stress but also with the delightful combination of lemon and honey regulates metabolism and detoxify the toxins from the body with intake of one cup of tetley green tea per day. As you know lemon helps reduce weight and honey provides your skin a great skin texture, thus with both ingredients in it. This green tea manages and helps reduce the weight fastly and quickly with no other heavy lifting exercises at gym. You really feel energetic and refreshed after taking green tea with natural ingredients in it.

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