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1 year ago

Fade out whitening cream


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Fade out advanced night whitening cream is an vitamin enriched fairness cream which contains enhanced vitamin complex. It is formulated with active natural ingredients which protects skin from all the anti ageing effects and give instance protection from the wrinkles and fine lines. It is an clinically proven whitening cream which shows results effectively in four weeks.. This whitening cream not only makes the skin tone a shade whiter but also removes skin pigmentation and dirt causing impurities and blemishes. This cream must and should be used in the night itself . Just wanted the face gently before you go to sleep and apply this cream in s circular motion and gently massage it with finger tips for few minutes leave it over night and wash your face in the morning. It works evenly leaving no residues or marks on the skin. It also give protection from the sun Burns and sun tan and provides a radiant look to the face

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