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1 year ago

Emami menthol plus balm



Emami menthol plus balm comes with a quick action formula which gives instant relief from the pain and the cramps. It gives relaxation to the muscles from the painful cramps. This emami menthol balm works on the areas where one feels unbearable pain in no minutes and gives relief from the severe pain. This balm also helps in increasing blood circulation and simulates the skin cells. It cause no harm to the skin. It works like miracle for the headache and gives very fast relief from the head pain.. This emami balm is an authentic balm which soothes pain and provides relaxation to the body. It comes with aromatherapy effect which soothes Calmness and gives soothing effect to the skin leaving no residues behind. It has relatively ery high fragrance which sometimes can be unbearable more than the pain. It is self prescribed balm and causes no side effects on the health and comes in even picket friendly packaging size and also in a huge bottle can be preferred and opted as per ones need and is easily available

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