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1 year ago

Baidyanath triphala churna


Natural ingredients

Healthy supplement

Can be self-prescribed

Baidyanath triphala churna is the only ayurvedic churna so far which gives instant relief from the gas , constipating and also cures the digestion problems gives instant relief from many body problems like eye disorders, obesity issues, over weight problems, indigestion issues, bowel dis orders , piles and what not. It is only churna which gives protection from many helath related issues and considered to work great regarding digestion problems. Only a spoonful is needed which has to be mixed with a warm water and should be drink before eating anything in the morning hours before doing breakfast and can be used even after having lunch by giving half n hour of gap in between the consumption time. It also helps in reducing has related issues and is a perfect medicine to clean stomach fats . It helps in boosting vitality and provides energy to the body by removing harmful toxins

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