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1 year ago

Sleek chocolate wax


Pleasant fragrance


Applies evenly and smoothly

I always wanted a wax which is very easy in application and should come in tiny packaging and smell pleasant. And also the wax should contain the strength to remove even the tiniest baby hair. I came across chocolate wax by sleek which I found is useful product and which fulfills all my needs. This chocolate wax smells pleasant and helps in removing all the unwanted hair from the body parts. This wax feels unsticky during application and does not leave any residues behind. It helps in removing the thick hair and also smoothly removes the small baby hair. It glides away smoothly on the skin and does not leave any side effects behind. It is extremely suitable for all the skin types and even the sensitive skin people can use it. This chocolate wax comes only in one flavour but all yeh sizes are available and can be opted for according to ones need

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