Mamaearth Oil Free Face Moisturizer With Apple Cider Vinegar Reviews

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1 year ago

Mama earth face moisturizer



I have a oily skin tone and no face moisturizees works effectively to remove the excess oil from my have. Have tried many products but none of them were found to be effective. I was looking for some natural face wash which should work effective on my oily skin. My friend recommended me to use Mama earth Oil-Free Face Moisturizer which comes with Apple Cider Vinegar content and is designed to control the oil that forms in excess which results in acne-prone infection and pimples. It has apple cider vinegar that is turned out to be the anti oxidant which is excellent in it’s anti inflammatory properties and known for providing soothing effects on all the skin related infection’s. Apple cider vinegar directly works on the infected area and also cures the pimples and acne and heals them fast . It works wonders in removing the excess oil and sebum production from the skin.

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