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Ozone Ayurvedics Sandal Face Wash is a 100% soap-free face wash enriched with extracts of real sandalwood particles, aloe vera and cucumber. This herbal product cleanses the skin without drying it out. It even the skin tone and restores the natural complexion of your skin. It helps you maintain soft, healthy, and young-looking skin.

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Works great!! I got use to this Ozone Ayurvedics Sandal Face Wash. I literally like this product and my soft and smooth skin.. it makes your skin so soft after you use it. With the natural and herbal ingredients in this face wash, like cucumber and aloe Vera extracts, they help to treat many skin diseases and problems. It helped me to reduce fine lines, dark spots and nourishes the skin instantly. It also improves the even skin tone by balancing the ph factor on the skin. I love that texture of the face wash Especially when I see my spotless face in the mirror. It is different from other face wash as it does not have any chemicals and does not cause any skin allergy or infection to the skin. And this face wash can be used for sensitive skin people. It comes with an affordable price and is travel friendly.

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