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L'oreal Professionnel Serioxyl Denser Hair Gelee is a serum that helps in boosting hair growth. The clear gel, enriched with nourishing ingredients such as stemoxydine and neohesperidine, acts on the hair roots and promotes new hair growth. You can see the visible results of denser hair through continuous use for 3 months. It is designed specifically to treat hair thinning and the product is easily absorbed into the scalp using gel technology. The nourishing formula hydrates soothe scalp and give fuller hair. The serum acts as a shield against oxidative stress, which causes hair loss. It comes in an attractive 90ml blue bottle with a dropper for easy use.

sahithi_manjeera Review


does not drip over the face

does not leave a white residue after drying up

easy to apply

This boots hair growth and it doubles the volume in 3 months. I have severe hair fall and my hair became very sparse and weak. I had literally gone crazy after seeing amount of hair on my comb, hair is everywhere on the floor, on the pillow literally everywhere except on my head. I used other minoxidil products but they used to leave a white powder on the scalp it looked a dandruff and the hair growth was moderate and its temporary only. Then I have started using this on the recommendation of my friend. It comes up with a dropper which easily dispenses the solution directly on the scalp where ever you want to put, no need to massage it. The consistency is like gel and gets easily absorbed into the scalp. It reduced my hair fall in 2 months and I can feel thick and dense hair on my scalp now. It does not drip over the face after applying and gets easily gets into scalp. I love the product as it does not leave any white residue over my hair. It hydrates the hair and gives cooling effect. It is enriched with stemoxydine believed to act on the hair root and promotes hair growth more rapidly. It is very safe to use and skin friendly. Though it is expensive, results are very promising. I am very satisfied with this and looking forward to continue this.

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