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1 year ago

Tulasi Turmeric face wash is enriches with all natural ingredients. It solves skin problems like acne and spots. It is affordable.


Pleasant Tulasi fragrance

soap free face was

Everyuth tulsi turmeric face wash is a boon to my skin problems. It addressed all my skin problems like acne and blemishes. My skin is very oily I tend to get pimples very often and it used to leave dark spots on my face. I have tried so many face washes, creams, change in diet but nothing worked for me and I completely lost hope about my pimples then my aunt suggested me to use natural ingredients like turmeric and Tulasi. But it is very difficult to prepare all these by myself then I started exploring and got the best one. The natural ingredients like Tualsi and Turmeric caught my eye and started using it. It helped me with my pimples. It removes the dirt and excess oil from the skin and removes the root cause of pimples. Turmeric helps in improving the glow and makes skin fairer. It did not remove my blemishes completely but started fading them slowly. It helped with acne scars also. I felt my natural glow on my face again. It is affordable and fits in my budget. It has got all the benefits of Brahmi and willow bark and tea tree oil helps to keep your face refreshing hydrated and cool all the day. It has Tulasi smell it is very mild and refreshing. The package is travel friendly and it did not cause any spillage for me.

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