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1 year ago

Meera coconut is pure and free from all chemicals. It helps making hair strong and nourished.


very light

purest form of coconut oil

Coconut oil is the best when it comes to hair and can be used for moisturising skin. Some people will make it is a part of their regular cuisine too. Meera coconut oil is very pure and can be used for cooking also. It is chemical free and gives a great nourishment to the hair. It helps in moisturising the hair from root to tips. It can be used for all in the family including kids. It is dermatologically safe and suits all skins. It helps the damaged hair to restore its natural beauty. It makes hair soft and smooth and manageable. It is light and non-greasy and does not give that heavy feeling on your head. I have been using it since my childhood and it is like a member in our family. It helps in improving hair growth and makes its dense and gives volume to it. It can be used for hair massage and is very soothing. The refreshing smell of it so addictive it so mild and natural without any perfume added to it. It is economical and does not burn your pocket. I use it a moisturiser for my skin in winters and works much better than any other moisturising creams available in market.

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