Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Stick Reviews

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1 year ago

Neutrogena Moisture Smooth color Stick


It has double benefit of moisturizer and lip colour

refreshing fruity fragrance

It moisturizes lips, while continuously conditioning them so they are softer and smoother in just 3 days. This lipstick glides on easily and makes your lips feel smoother and softer. I have started the product this winter for 2 months and started recognizing a lot of difference in my lips and is so hydrating and made me fall in love with my lips again. The wrinkles have reduced and it made my lips healthier. This comes up with a great variety of shades and it has the colors of traditional lipsticks in it. I have 4 shades of it. I wear it every day and I have never been able to find any other shade from another brand that I love as this one. The moisturizing effect lasted long and no need to apply frequently. I helped me with my dry lips. It is made with fruit extracts like mango and had Shea butter in it. It smells so good. It really needs to be kept it in cool temperature as it is very sensitive to heat. I prefer keeping it in my refrigerator as my places it very hot.

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