Colgate Active Salt Fight Germs Toothpaste Reviews

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1 year ago

Colagate active salt removes fights with cavity causing germs, helps with bleeding gums and is vey economical


refreshing breathe

pleasant taste


Colgate Active Salt Fight Germs Toothpaste is enriched with salt and minerals helps in keeping all the dental problems at the bay. Colgate is a like a family member to most of the Indian families. We have tried all the other variants also like ayurvedic and gel form. We have currently using this active salt and we loved it a lot. It helped to reduce gum swelling and gum infections. It gives a fresh breathe. It has a very good taste and a refreshing smell gives me a good start for the day. It fight the germs and reduces the chances of getting cavities. It lightens the stains and yellowness of the teeth and gives a pearly white and shiny smile always. It helped with my bleeding gums. When compared to the gel it effectively removes the plaque as the consistency is little rough. The salt helps to fight the germs in the mouth and provides a good oral hygiene. It was very difficult for me make my kids brush but taste is very pleasant and they started enjoying brushing these days. It is good for everyone who are 6 and above. It is quite affordable and one stop solution for your family’s oral hygiene.

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