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2 years ago

it is one of a kind moisturizer which helps to bring back vitality of the skin


non greasy and very light

1. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti Aging Perfector helps in making the skin look more young and radiant. I have started using the product on the recommendation of aunt. I really loved the product as it acted as moisturizer and helped in removing fine lines and lifting my face. It reduced the wrinkles but did not remove completely. It gives the affect gradually. It is enriched with Retinol and SPF 20. It protects skin from harmful Ultra violet rays which are the main reason for making skin dull. It helps in nourishing the skin from deep inside and gives a radiant glow and brings back the young look. I seriously felt that I got back my charm and glow. It smoothens the skin reduces the open pores and gives a clean appearance to the face. The cream is not heavy and does not leave any residue and gets absorbed well into the skin and nourishes it. Sometimes I go out with the cream on my face as it gives a natural glow to my face. It is non greasy and does not give oily look to the skin.

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