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1 year ago

Skin Alive Cream is one of the best creams to to remove tough marks and scars.


removes acne scars

Skin Alive cream is a boon to treat skin problems. The unique formula made my skin glow all the time and it worked from the first use itself. My friend gave me this after seeing my acne scar on my face. I have used so many creams to treat it but nothing worked for me, but it was very effective from the beginning. The cream is very light and is spreads easily over the skin and gets absorbed fast. It treats all skin scars like acne scars, burn scars etc. I had a scar on my face since my childhood and it started fading it and skin became normal. It removes blemishes and works on pigmentation too. It makes the skin brighter and gives even tone to it. The nourishing formula goes deep into the skin and brightens the skin. It gives a very good moisturization without making my skin oily. It helped me with my fine lines and dull skin and gave a life to it. My skin became soft and I feel like touching it all the day. It is travel friendly I keep it with me everywhere I travel. It is affordable and is dermatologically tested so safe on skin and does not break it out.

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