Oriflame Milk & Honey Gold Creamy Soap Bar Reviews

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1 year ago

the soap is chemical free and have all the goodness of milk and honey. worth a try.


moisturizes well

chemical free

Oriflame Milk & Honey Gold Creamy Soap Bar has the blend of natural ingredients like milk and honey which are best for the skin health. It is chemical free and dermatologically tested. I have a very sensitive skin hence I choose this product. I am very happy with the soap. It lathers well and removes all the dirt and impurities without making the skin dry. It also hydrates the skin as it has got the benefits of milk. Honey helps in making the skin soft and smooth. It helped me with my dry itchy skin. It reduces the flakiness of the skin and is perfect for winters. It is very easy to wash off. I found that my skin became two time brighter after using the product. It removes the excess oil from the skin but does not make it dry. I feel it is more suitable for dry skin than oily skin. I found a great reduction of dark spots after using this. As it is chemical free it can be used without any worry. It is economical and very easy to get it. I have stopped using other soaps as I am very much addicted to it.

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