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1 year ago

best shampoo for oily hair offers a deep cleansing


lasts long

Assure Deep Cleanse Shampoo is the best for people with oily hair. I got to know about it from my friend and I bought it to try once. I was amazed by the results. It helped my hair fall a lot. It offers a deep cleansing of the scalp by removing excess oil with making it dry. The consistency of the shampoo is ideal and flows easily. It lathers well and it is very easy to rinse it off. Very little amount is sufficient to give a clean hair. The fragrance is something which I love a lot. It is mild and stays long. Lemon gives a refreshing feel every time you take a wash. Thyme helps in preventing hair loss and increases the hair volume. The acid in lemon keeps the dandruff at a bay. It comes in a transparent bottle and you will come to know how much is still there. The package is travel friendly easily fits in.

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