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1 year ago

good for sensitive skin


I have bought it on the suggestion of my friend who is a beautician as I have a sensitive skin she was very careful while suggesting this to me. I love the chocolate smell of it. The wax slides very easily on the skin and is easy to pull it off from the skin. It does not leave any hair behind, removes even the finest skin. While removing the wax it makes the skin polished and gives a good shine on it. It even removes the dirt and impurities from the skin. I found it using it very easy and convenient as it gives a mess free experience. Though my skin is sensitive it did not give any rash or itchiness to my skin. I use it on my legs, hands and underarms also it is quite safe to use. But you need to reheat the wax frequently. After waxing we just need to wash off excess wax from the skin.

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