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1 year ago

Homeopathic hair growth gel


enriched with natural ingredients

free from chemicals

blends well with oil

Fourrts Hairgro Gel was used by my aunt for a long time. She has been using it after consulting homeopathic doctor. She had a really bad hair fall, and dandruff. She mixed it with coconut oil and started applying on her hair daily. It really gave good results and helped with her grey hairs. It increases hair growth and increases hair volume. It has all the goodness of Arnica and jaborandi. Its unique blend of ingredients helps with the dandruff. My aunt had severe itching on her scalp and it is much better than before. It nourishes the scalp and gets absorbed well. It gives a bouncy and shinier hair in no time. It can be applied directly without even diluting in oil also. Either ways it is effective. But sometimes it caused mild burning sensation on her scalp. It comes up in travel friendly package and is affordable too.

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