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1 year ago

best balm



Natural ingredients

no chemicals

Emami Mentho plus Balm is something which comes into my thought if I get any head ache or any small pains. We have been using it for years now. It is ac complete Ayurvedic formulation gives a great relief from all kinds of minor pains. It has a greta variety of natural ingredients like nilagiri oil, camphor, clove oil etc which are proved as a great pain relievers. The smell of it is not great and is strong. I use it for my body pains like neck pain and back ache which is quite effective on these. It is very easy to use and gets absorbed well in to the area and gives a nice relief. It relieves muscle pull and improves blood circulation after a good massage with it. It is very affordable and famous for a long time. I always carry it with me as it is travel friendly and gets easily fit in purse.

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