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1 year ago

best ayurvedic remedy for constipation


Natural ingredients

Healthy supplement

Can be self-prescribed

easily available

I have seen many of my family members using baidyanath triphala churna. It aids in digestion and has many health benefits in it. My mother gave me this when she came to visit me in November. Recently I have been suffering with indigestion and bloating due to improper sleep patterns. This helped me with that issue. It improved digestion and started feeling hungry after eating this. Even my husband started using this. This product has all the goodness of amla, harad, behada. It has rich anti-oxidant properties and improves immunity in long run. It works effectively and deals with eyes problems, digestion issues, over weight. It purifies blood. It helps in treating problems like piles and constipation. It improves overall vitality. As it an ayurvedic medicine does not have any side effects can be used by everyone. i take it twice everyday. it is affordable and easily available in ayurvedic stores.

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