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1 year ago

best to remove tan and unwanted hair.


Pleasant fragrance


easy to use

removes tan

I frequently visits salon for getting waxing done. These days I am running out of time then I started looking out for options to get things done at home with ease. Then I got to know about Sleek Chocolate Wax from my friend and I bought it. The fragrance is very nice. It is very easy to use. The wax gets easily melted. I melt in my microwave and gets easily spread over the skin. It comes up with disposable strips. It is pain free and removes hair nicely. But I found it is little difficult to remove very thin hairs otherwise it is good. It removes hair fast and helps in removing tan also. It gives a polished look on the skin. It comes in a travel friendly jar which is in plastic. I got beautiful and bright skin in no time. It slightly leaves residue after removing but can be washed off easily. I did not get any rashes or redness after using this. Loved the product. If you are looking for an easy method to get rid of your unwanted hair this is the one for you.

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