Citra Spotless Fair Face Cream With Japanese Green Tea Reviews

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1 year ago

face cream with natural ingredients


Herbal essence

Herbal ingredients

light weight

non greasy

gets absorbed well

Citra Spotless Fair Face Cream with Japanese green tea is something which i have been looking for a long time for my sister. my sister has mixed skin type which is prone to acne very frequently. She started using it for 5 months now, her skin became very soft and shiny. It helped her a lot with the acne break outs. It is enriched with salicylic acid which prevents acne. it has all the goodness of natural ingredients ;like green tea, lotus and Sakura etc. It keeps the skin moist for a really long time. it helped with the blemishes also. it gives a even toned skin and reduces the ski pores and makes the skin young and revitalized. it is travel friendly and affordable.

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