Gokul Santol Pure Sandalwood Soap Reviews

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1 year ago

Skins Best Friend


Pleasing aroma

Promotes even skin texture

Lab tested product

Gokul Santol Sandalwood soap has no harmful chemical powder used in its manufacture. It has antibacterial properties. Using Gokul Santol soap kind of promotes a feeling of calmness.The aroma inhibits a relaxed atmosphere. I have felt a difference, after using this soap for over a month now my acne and pimple breakage have improved a lot. Also if you are more of an outdoor person frequently experiencing heat of the sun you can use this soap as it is a UV protectant as well. It also generates a lasting fragrance and adds brightness and allows your skin to feel an even texture. Its a trustworthy brand and it has been capturing a loyal consumer base only because of its result.

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