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L'Oreal Women's Paris X-Tenso Straightener Cream sets your stubborn hair and keeps it in place as desired. This cream's special nourishing quality smoothens your hair and covers it up from hair breakage. This unisex product can be used pre-styling or as it is for a sleek, straight, salon-like presentable hair. It adds a natural shine and gives you that perfect escape from those frizzy, tangled hairdos.

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Best straightening cream Riddhi approves this product
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Unisex product

Good for chemically-treated or coloured hair

I have been using this loreal straightening cream n this gave me such a beautiful result all my frizzy hair became so soft and straight im literally in love with this product loreal straightening cream not only straighten but also smoothen the tips of hair especially coloured hair i loved this loreal cream

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