St Botanica Apple Cider Vinegar Reviews

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8 months ago

Best natural vinegar


Has mother vinegar

Rich in anti oxidents

Raw and unfiltered

No added flavors or preservatives

Made from Himalayan apples

We have been using apple cider vinegar in a home for a long time as this vinegar has many health benefits, such as aiding weight loss, reducing cholesterol, lowering blood sugar levels, and reducing the symptoms of diabetes. So we have been trying out various brands in last few years and i recently bought this .St.Botanica Natural Apple Cider Vinegar which is made by fermentation of Himalayan apples with mother of the vinegar in it. It is very raw , Unfiltered and natural and it smells n tastes very real as it doesn't have any artificial flavour or colors or preservatives added. We are going continue using this same In future as well since my parents liked it too.

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