Himalaya Sparkling White Mouthwash Reviews

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1 year ago

Odour free freshness


Can be used by anyone above 12 years of age

Can be used daily

Minty Favour

Himalaya Sparkling White Mouthwash is the best mouth wash which gives complete oral care product that takes care of our health. And it has an excellent minty flavour which makes the mouth feel fresh and gives shine to the teeth.It contains natural ingredients like meswak, clove, fennel and mint which gives complete oral protection to the teeth it helps in strength to the gums and prevents sensitivity from hot or cold foods and drinks. This mouth wash is a is flouride free and helps in preventing bad breathe. Its effect lasts upto 12 hours It’s a non alcoholic and can be taken multiple times instead of brushing. This freshner cleans the mouth from impuritites and removes odour and prevents the growth of germs that builds the plaque Its minty flavour gives a odour free fresh breathe. I love using this product which made my teeth natural white and free from bad breathe.

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