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1 year ago

All in 1 Tooth Formula



strengthens your teeth

Fresh Breath

I was looking for a toothpaste which contains no chemicals but the toothpaste these days contains chemicals once my friend suggested me about this toothpaste Himalaya Herbals dental care, i have checked the ingredients this toothpaste contains all natural ingredients like meswak, tulasi, promogranate, neem and started using it from the very first time i used it left my mouth fresh and away from bad breathe as it has the natural extracts of meswak, neem and promogranate made my both teeth and gums stronger and also prevents my mouth from the bad breathe and keeps its mouth clean with the anti bacterial formula. It is also suitable for sensitivity in tooth. I usually suffer from tooth sensitivity when I eat any cold or hot substances my teeth would be like jul but after using this paste that sensitivity feel also have reduced and I recommend this product to my friends and family.

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