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1 year ago

Look Beautiful, Look gorgeous



Travel friendly

2 in one

MAC brand and its products are not only renowned for its class but also for its price and trust me every penny that you put on these products is worth. MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter used it once and I became a huge fan of it for lifelong. Blemishes your skin, covers the dark spots, not very shiny, good to cover dark circles and of course a travel friendly pen shape highlighter. If we overlook the price its really a worth to have one to look good in occasions and parties also it’s a prep and prime so we need not have to purchase prep separately. I have been using this from last 6 months and I am happy with the results. I would really recommend to have one in handy as you may never know when you and where it might need it. Its texture is smooth and keeps you skin toned That said for ultra sensitive skins I recommend that not to go for it as its not an allergy free and it may have some side effects. That said please check with your dermatologist before use.

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