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1 year ago

Primer in need


Shine free

Not much a fan of foundation and primers but when situation demands you must be prepared for it. So when you are need I prefer to use the best of everything whether it’s a fashion or beauty. So, while ago I was supposed to attend a wedding and everyone in my family was all prepped to look beautiful and gorgeous. As mentioned, I was not much into make up and yet I must look better than usual. I was looking for something that doesn’t my natural beauty, yet it fulfills my requirement and that’s when I came across Huda Beauty New Foundation Illuminating Primer. Smooth, natural, blends well with skin and doesn’t looks too flashy. It doesn’t outgrow on your skin texture rather it looks like a part of your skin. The finish is good, and it blemishes and opens the pores on the face which makes your skin much fresh and radiant. I was able to make a mark in that marriage with Huda Beauty New Foundation Illuminating Primer.

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