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1 year ago

Best Drugstore Lipstick Ever


Wax-free formula

Great fragrance

Suits all skin tones

This is my all time favourite lipstick. The formula is so amazing. The shade 'Kisses' is my absolute favourite shade. It takes a little time to set, but that's the beauty of it. If you apply one light coat, you'll get super pigmented, matte lip finish, if you apply a medium coat, you get a beautiful satin finish (My favourite) and if you apply 2-3 coats, you'll get a beautiful glossy finish. So you get all three finishes that you desire. It does transfer a little bit for a little while. But once it sets, it doesn't. In my opinion, revlon makes some of the best lipsticks and this one in particular can beat many lipsticks from the high-end category too. It's smooth and my lips dont feel tight after applying this

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