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Indus Valley Extra Virgin Olive Oil is beneficial not only for your hair but also for your skin. It is made using olives obtained directly from farms and is free of toxic chemicals. The oil also contains vitamin E and natural fats that act as intense moisturizing agents for your hair and skin. Its weightless texture penetrates quickly into the skin and hair, leaving you with shinier and healthier hair and skin. This oil can be used by men, women, and infants.

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Safe for infants

Just before the quarantine days got started I have bought few organic products from Indus Valley. Today I am going to post my review on Indus Valley’s extra virgin olive oil.The best thing is as it is 100%organic you can use for your baby too. 1.Extra virgin Olive Massage oil : A mixture of cold pressed olive, almond , jojoba , sunflower , wheatgerm and grape seed oil. 2.Skin Care- enriched with vit E gives Soft, Supple ,Nourishes dry, irritated skin. 3.Protect the skin from sun damage and prematured aging. 4.Improve complexion providing gorgeous even tone. 5.Night Cream with olive oil will wake you up with Beautiful Skin. 6.olive oil with 2 drops orange essential oil at bed time will giv you a natural radiant. 7.A natural make up remover 8. As massage oil to strengthen bones and muscles, to reduce stretch marks. 9. Hair Grow faster . Rich, Vibrant and Glossy Hair. 10.Eliminates dandruff, dryness, damaged hair 11.For hair give a scalp massage. 12.Excellent for frizzy hair. ---------------------- Highly recomended .

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