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12 months ago

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Smell good

Black lipstick has always been fascinating to me so i got the Absolute New York Velvet Lippie in the shade Raven (AVL 24) and Flamenco (AVL 12) but sadly both of these were total fail for me. These are not at all pigmented, look chalky and transfer like anything. Not only this the lipstick keeps rubbing off and fades unevenly. I wouldn't recommend this to any as it also tends to dry your lips.

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Absolute New York Lip Mousse is a soft luxurious matte lip cream that makes lips look gorgeous. The unique formula used in the lip mousse does not leave lips feeling dry and offers great pigmentation. The ingredients of sunflower oil, argan oil, and rosehip seed oil enable soft lips and keep them supple. The lip mousse glides on the lips smoothly and does not accentuate the fine lines. The lip mousse has a long-lasting power, which evades the need for reapplication. Lips stay hydrated with this effective formula, and the lip mousse does not smudge easily. The lovely formula is free of parabens, phthalate, and sulphates.

How To Use Absolute New York Lip Mousse ?

  • Clean the lip area and then apply the lipstick.
  • Using the applicator define a fine outline.
  • Gradually move the applicator brush from the center of your upper lip to the outer corners.
  • Fill color on the lower lip by swiping it end-to-end.

Absolute New York Lip Mousse Benefits And Uses :

  • Offers immense pigmentation to lips.
  • Imparts a superior colour coverage to lips.
  • Keeps lips soft and hydrated.
  • Glides with ease on lips.

Absolute New York Lip Mousse Shades (Colors) :

  • ALV01 Dolly
  • ALV02 Cheerleader
  • ALV03 Bombshell
  • ALV04 Frisk
  • ALV05 Risque
  • ALV06 Voodoo
  • ALV07 Decoy
  • ALV08 Misbehave
  • ALV09 Smitten
  • ALV10 Pinup
  • ALV11 Lavish
  • ALV12 Ginger
  • ALV13 Urban
  • ALV14 Grunge
  • ALV15 Galactic
  • ALV16 Royals
  • ALV17 Tyrant
  • ALV18 Black Magic