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What’s a quick way to freshen up the mood? What changes the ambiance of a room in seconds? What uplifts a gloomy gathering? Air Fresheners. A few strategic spritzes entirely change the atmosphere of the room. Keep your rooms smelling fresh with an air freshener from the best collection of StyleCraze Reviews.

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What is better than entering a clean with an enticing fresh smell lingering in the air? A pleasing fragrance is an addon to a warm welcome. It immediately evokes a sense of calm and belongingness to whoever steps inside. So, when and why should you use a room freshener?

Why Use Air Fresheners?

  • India is a place of strong flavors. The aroma from our food lingers around longer than we would like. It is also a humid place which makes garbage (in and outside our houses) rot sooner and emit a bad odor. The same goes for our unwashed laundry or the wetness from our washrooms. The right air freshener neutralizes the odor of the atmosphere inside the room.
  • A sweet fragrance like rose, lavender, or jasmine gives a welcoming vibe and uplifts the mood of all people inside the room.
  • It creates a sense of calm and relaxation inside the room, as if, protecting from the chaotic life outdoors.
  • When used on a daily basis, it helps to keep yourself healthy mentally. It eliminates all the unpleasing, over-powering smells and evokes a happy mood, and helps in concentration. Certain fragrances can even be therapeutic.

How To Choose An Air Freshener

A common problem with spritz dispensers is that they often release gassy a substance rather than a liquid stream. The best air freshener formulas will come out as misty droplets when spritzed.

The longevity of the can and the lasting power of the fragrance is another matter of consideration. The fragrance should be long-lasting and yet very subtle. It cannot be over-powering like some perfumes or deodorants. You can read what each brand claims in these regards and verify the same against the honest reviews at StyleCraze Reviews.
Finally, choose a fragrance. For regular use, choose a scent that will be pleasing for everyone in the family. Many people choose something seasonal. For special occasions, like parties or game nights or puja nights, you can use something else to set the mood.
If you have small children or pets at home, check the label for safety before purchasing.

Best Air Fresheners For Indian Households

  • Ambipur Air Freshener Lavender Bouquet
  • Ambi Pur Air Freshener – Sweet berries
  • Ambi Pur Air Freshener – Rose and Blossom
  • Odonil Room Spray
  • Godrej Aer Morning Misty Meadows Spray
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