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Anti dandruff


Anti Hair Fall/Loss


Hair Conditioning


Hair growth


Hair Moisturising


Scalp Moisturising

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Allen’s Arnica Plus Hair Vitalizer Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.4

5 Reviews


2 years ago

Good vitalizer


Unisex product

My friend gifted this to me as she is working with this product. I have been using this for a month now. Must say before using this vitalizer I had severe hair fall issue and itchy scalp too. But since using his vitaliser all tose problems got resolved. My hair is grown strong and long. The hair looks very soft and moisturized. It leaves a beautiful smell also. My hair looks very healthy now. Before it was very thin and was prone to brittle. I am so happy how this vitaliser has turned my hair into. It is so lightweight and does not weigh my hair down. It gets easily absorbed to the scalp and leaving the scalp nourished. This has helped to control my sisters premature greying of hair and it boosted her hair so nourished. I am so happy the way my hair grows now and I feel like touching it all the time since it is so smooth and silky. The availability of this product may be an issue.

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2 years ago

Allens arnica plus hair vitalizer


Unisex product

Arnica is one of the most used herb as a medicine and for surgery purpose and many skin related problems. Here comes Allen's Arnica Plus Hair Vitalizer which is for hair to grow healthier and free from damage and infections. This vitalizer prevents hair loss, stimulates hair follicles and promotes hair growth. This hair tonic is designed for those people who are facing hair fall issues and reducing dandruff from the scalp. This arnica plus tonic helps the hair restore the hair color and boosts hydration into the skin. Use this tonic at night before bed, just you need to massage the scalp with little amount of vitalizer and in the morning wash with warm water. You will see the soft, shiner and healthier hair which also adds volume to the hair. This product is for both men and women who are facing hair problems such as hair loss and dandruff.

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2 years ago

hair tonic


Unisex product

The quality of my hair was getting degrade day by day and I used to wonder what to do. Honestly speaking my hair were never too good as for as the quality is concerned however now the scenario is that they are getting worse at a very rapid pace and this makes me worry to the core. Then I heard about Allen's Arnica Plus Hair Vitalizer to be an excellent medium to make hair grow stronger. Presuming it would help me in getting rid of the hair problems I ordered one bottle of it and started applying it. I usually apply it the same way as I apply any hair oil on my scalp and massage for some time. I prefer to keep it overnight. I could realize that my hair fall problem has been reduced to a very great extent now. This is a real tonic which has helped me in making my hair grow stronger day by day now.

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2 years ago

Allens Arnica Plus Hair Vitalizer


Not expensive.

Non messy method.

Allen's Arnica plus Hair Vitalizer is not a new brand in the market, this has been for decades and people love it. This is a common hair tonic that was used for numerous hair issues. It is good to be applied to control hair fall. With regular use of the hair vitalizer, you will notice that the hair fall is under control and also hair growth starts. The hair tonic will control hair fall, prevent your scalp from dandruff and promote hair growth. This hair vitalizer must be applied on the scalp and left overnight to soak into your scalp; you can even use their shampoo. This product is not very expensive and is safe on all skin types. You can buy them online also. It is non-greasy on the scalp and easy for application, This vitalizer can be used 2 times in the day.

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2 years ago



My brother was experiencing a lot of hair fall and he had severe dandruff which was big concern for him. He decided to buy the Arnica plus hair vitalizer. This comes packaged in a white colour bottle with green colour flip open cap and the bottle is further encased in a cardboard box. The texture of the vitalizer is extremely light and is similar to any water based solution. He took a small amount of the vitalizer on the palm of his hand and gently massaged it all over his hair and scalp and left it on for around 1 hour. Then he gently washed his hair with a mild shampoo. The vitalizer did not feel greasy or sticky on his hair and gave a soothing effect on the scalp. With regular usage of this product, he saw a great reduction in his dandruff and his hair growth also improved. The vitalizer is also effective income preventing his hair from graying. He would surely recommend this product.

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Allen's Arnica Plus Hair Vitalizer is an excellent hair tonic specially formulated for falling hair. This hair tonic is very effective in eliminating dandruff and itchy scalp issues. It penetrates the scalp and aids in new hair growth. The effects can be seen in just a few uses of this hair vitalizer. This works on strengthening the roots so that hair fall is minimized and eventually stopped. Soft, shiny, and lustrous hair is achievable with the regular usage of this magical herbal hair vitalizer from Allen.

How To Use Allen’s Arnica Plus Hair Vitalizer ?

  • Massage a little amount of this vitalizer on the scalp.
  • Leave it on for 3 hours or overnight.

Allen’s Arnica Plus Hair Vitalizer Benefits And Uses :

  • Helps in clearing dandruff from scalp.
  • Promotes new hair growth.
  • Stops premature greying of hair.
  • Prevents hair fall.
  • Makes hair soft and shiny.

Allen’s Arnica Plus Hair Vitalizer Ingredients

Thea Chinensis
Aloe socotrina
Nicotiana tabacum
Nyctanthes arbortristis