Amway Nutrilite Kids Drink Chocolate Flavour
Amway Nutrilite Kids Drink Chocolate Flavour

Amway Nutrilite Kids Drink Chocolate Flavour

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Amway Nutrilite Kids Drink Chocolate is a delicious supplement for children who are fussy eaters and require additional nutrition over their regular diet. It is not an replacement to any particular vitamin or mineral but this will help them get more nutrition. You can add the drink as a part of  your child's nutrition. It is easily available. Regular consumption of this drink will improve child's general health. It is rich in Calcium, vitamins, minerals, and proteins help your child grow with strong bones, muscles, healthy teeth, hair, and skin.

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How To Use Amway Nutrilite Kids Drink Chocolate Flavour ?

  • Add two scoops of drink powder (25 g approx.) into a glass and mix it with a little milk or water.
  • Stir to form a smooth paste.
  • Add more milk/ water and shake vigorously.
  • Get a frothy, delicious and nutritious drink.
  • Sweetener is optional.

Amway Nutrilite Kids Drink Chocolate Flavour Uses And Benefits :

Yummy supplementation along with a regular diet

Provides proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals along with a regular diet.

Rich in calcium, vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

Supports strong bones, muscles, healthy teeth, hair, and skin

Amway Nutrilite Kids Drink Chocolate Flavour Ingredients :


Whey Protein Concentrate

Folic Acid

Pantothenic Acid







Non-dairy Creamer

Cocoa Lecithinate

Soy Protein Isolate

Partly Skimmed Milk Powder

Mineral premix


Cocoa Powder

Flovour Chocolate

Flavour Vanilla


Vitamin Premix

Flavour Caramel

Flavour Cream

Beet Juice Powder

Amway Nutrilite Kids Drink Chocolate Flavour Reviews

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Healthier kid Aparna approves this product

10 months ago


Delicious chocolate flavor


Like many other mommies out their I used to be equally very much concerned about my daughters health. As she was a fussy eater too I used to be always worried if all the nutrient were being supplied to her body or not. She used to always crave for chocolates and cakes and biscuits. I used to always wonder if I am a good mother or not as was really feeling helpless. After all how can you force such a small kid to eat. It was than that I thought of trying out Amway Nutrilite Kids Drink Chocolate as I tried so many other products of this famous brand. And this brand never disappointed me in the past so why not to try the same out for my daughter too this time. My daughter so not even like milk much hence I usually mix 2 scoops of this powder in a warm water. Mix it thoroughly and give the same to her in her favourite sipper. I am sure this drink must be tasting really good as she finishes her drink in hardly a few minutes of time. And perhaps also the reason could be the flavour as chocolate being on her hit list always. I have realised over the due course of time she has become healthier as compared to earlier.

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Improves child health Saraswathi approves this product

10 months ago


Improves child health Delicious chocolate flavour

Providing nutritious foods to kids is always a challenge. My kid never eats healthy vegetables or go for milk. When I was quite worried about her nutrition’s, my friend suggested me to give my daughter this Amway Nutrilite Kids Drink Chocolate Flavour as kids would love them. About the product it is quite expensive and not a travel friendly product. The Drink made from natural ingredients and doesn’t contain any preservative. The Drink contains the goodness of Calcium, vitamins, minerals and proteins. The calcium in the drink helps in building up strong bones and healthy teeth. The Vitamin content makes the body healthy and adds strength. The Minerals and Protein helps in making strong hair and skin. With its anti oxidant content it helps in fighting against infections. The drink is an supplement for Kids which needs to be served along with a regular diet. The drink is not an substitute for a meal, it needs to be add on along with the meal. With its yummy chocolate flavour, it adds delicious to the milk. Regular consumption of this drink will improve child's general health.

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Energy drink Nilofer approves this product

10 months ago


Making kids eat is the biggest problem a mother faces in her every day life. My niece looks chubby but he does not eat anything. All he wants is just a glass of milk. He loves chocolates and chocalate flavored eatables. My sister gets a headache in feeding him. This Amway Nutrilite Kids Drink Chocolate Flavour is the best choice in giving the required nutrients for kids like my niece. The product has a powder formula that has to be mixed with milk. It is something like complan and Milo. This product comes in a plastic jar packaging which is easy to store. The product has a yummy taste that these fuzzy eaters dont say a word but just drink it in no time. The ingredients contained in the product is amazing. It has vitamins, minerals and all other essential ingredients required for the kids who play all day long. All we have to do is to mix one or two scoops of the product in a warm milk and make the child drink it. They stay healthy and it makes the strong and energetic. The only problem you may face is, it is not easily available in every stores but anyway you could order them online.

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10 months ago


Delicious chocolate flavor

Amway Nutrilite Kids Drink Chocolate is a tasteful option for the kids. The drink has chocolate infused in it. Hence the kids will love having this drink. The chocolate powder has to be mixed in milk and given to the child. The parents feel that the child’s tummy is filled after having this drink. The children are sometimes fussy eaters. It is difficult to I’ve them any kind of food. Hence there is a problem of all nutrients not reaching a child. The Amway Nutrilite Kids Drink Chocolate claims to have all the necessary elements such as calcium, vitamins, minerals, and proteins that are responsible for the child’s growth. The product is easily available. Many individuals use Amway products and hence it is easy to buy from them without walking to the store. But I did not like this product. I agree that it is a drink with all the nutrition. But it is never advisable to give children this kind of drink. It is better to give home-cooked options and the child can have a healthy lifestyle that way. I would not recommend this drink for a child.

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Amway kids drink Simran approves this product

10 months ago


Delicious chocolate flavor

Hygienic jar packing


My little cousin is a fussy eater and does not want to eat any thing healthy , he just wants to eat junk, snacks, chips, chocolates all the time. So doctor has recommended to add this chocolate powder by amway nutrilite in to his milk for two times a day. This powder gives extra nutrition to his health, it includes various minerals and vitamins.

Amway Nutrilite Kids Drink Chocolate Flavour-Amway kids drink-By simranwalia29
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