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Anti Hair Fall/Loss




Hair Conditioning


Hair strengthening

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Petroleum derived

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High risk 25%

Moderate risk 25%

Low risk 50%

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Paraben free

Silicon Free

Sulfate Free

Alcohol Free

Contains Paraffin

Allergen Free

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Amway Persona Amla Hair Oil Reviews

Avg Ratings : 3.9

6 Reviews


2 years ago

Not worthy


Amway Persona Amla Hair Oil claims to control hair fall and promote hair growth. This oil was used by a girl whom I knew. She said that she got this oil with higher expectation and the oil comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a green cap. The bottle was leakage free and it is also available at affordable prices. Due to its claims she thought this oil would solve her hair fall problem. But the oil did not do anything to control hair fall nor did it promote hair growth. The feels lightweight and it has a nongreasy texture which makes it suitable for oily hair also. The oil made her hair soft and smooth which was the only positive thing that she found in this oil. The fragrance was artificial and it did not bother her much. The oil contains mineral oil and she said it is not a pure Amla oil. So, she discontinued using it.

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2 years ago

Healthy and black Hair


Light in texture

GUves a Healthy Black hair

Contains natural aamla Seed Oil

Amway Persona Amla hair oil is the best products I regularly use Amway products for both skin and hair its expensive but gives value to your money. Tis product Amway persona Amla hair oil contains amla seed oil which gives long and healthy hair. Amla helps in preventing getting grey hair and makes the hair black in colour. It makes the sclap and hair nourished and healthy. It reduces hairfull and gives a good volume to your hair and improves the hair texture. It is suitable to all types of hair and gives a natural shine to your hair. Amla helps in to strengthen your hair from the roots. It has a mild flavour We have to give a slight massage for around 10 minutes to your hair from the roots and leave it for min 2 hours or overnight and wash it with mild shampoo. It shows results instantly and reduces the hairfall from the very first time you use it.

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2 years ago

Amla hair oil


Amway Persona Amla Hair Oil is great for falling hair as I've seen my friend using it. Her hairfall has almost stopped and looked shinier than before. This hair oil is enriched with amla which is good for hair growth. It also reverses the grey hair and prevents premature greying of hair. This hair oil has a mild fragrance that is not too overpowering. I like the consistency of this hair oil. It's so light that it gets easily absorbed in the scalp. Also, on days she does not feel like putting on a serum, she just applies a few drops of this oil to make the hair look healthy and shiny. It nourishes the hair roots well and helps in hair growth. I will soon get it sometime but the vegetable oils as one of the main ingredients in it, worries me a bit! However, I feel its a value for money!

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2 years ago

Amla seed hair oil


Light in texture

Mild fragrance

From time immemorial I use home made hair oils prepared by my mother. She put henna, amla, hibiscus, vetti ver, methi and other useful ingredients which are good for hair growth and colour. After that I used to buy ready made hair oils. Now I bought Amway Persona Amla Hair Oil. This oil contains amla seed oil as a main ingredient. And along with amla it has vegetable oils as a carrier oil and essential oils for fragrance. Amla is a very good conditioner and at the same time it controls hair falling. And this oil gives full coverage to protect the hair from roots to end. It moisturises the scalp so that we get ourselves free from dandruff and it also cures split ends as it nourishes every hair strand. And moreover it also prevents premature greying of hair. Regular use keeps my hair fizzle free manageable and shining. The texture of this oil is light and has mild scent.

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2 years ago

Excellent oil


Nourishing hair oil

Made of amla seed oil

Improves hair texture

This hair oil is made up of amla seed oil. It is highly nourishing and very effective. My mother had got this hair oil from her friend who was an Amway distributor. My mom had good hair with a dense texture and smooth hair. But she had recently started facing hair loss due to aging and side effects caused due to intake of medicines for her arthritis problem. After she started using this shampoo her hair texture improved drastically. It also helped in fighting the premature greying of her hair. It made her hair black and she need not use any hair dyed to color her hair black anymore. It helped her prevent hair loss and aid in hair growth. This hair oil also relieves stress and anxiety after a good massage with this oil. It gave her hair a natural shine and lustre.

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2 years ago

No more greying!


Light in texture

Mild fragrance

My sister started using this hair oil by Amway as suggested by one of her friend at school her mother is a direct marketing agent with Amway. My sister during school time has greying issue. She started using this Amway Persona Amla Hair Oil and it did help her already stop the greying of hair. Can help stip greying of hair is used at early stage. Must buy!

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Amway Persona Amla Hair Oil is enriched with the goodness of amla seed oil. This oil gives long, strong, thick, and bouncy hair. It also helps to prevent premature greying and makes hair black in color. It treats dry scalp and conditions hair. It makes the scalp and hair both healthy and nourished. Amla also helps to strengthen the hair roots. It conditions hair to make it look soft and shiny. The natural ingredients in this oil makes your hair manageable. Amway Persona Hair Oil will give your hair a natural shine. It is suitable for all types of hair.

How To Use Amway Persona Amla Hair Oil ?

  • Take a small amount of oil in your palm.
  • Using your fingertips apply to the entire scalp and hair.
  • Massage gently for 10 - 15 minutes.
  • Leave it overnight or for 1-2 hours before washing with a mild shampoo.

Amway Persona Amla Hair Oil Benefits And Uses :

  • Prevents dry scalp and conditions hair.
  • Gives long, thick, bouncy, black hair.

Amway Persona Amla Hair Oil Ingredients

Cl 61565
Cl 26100
Cl 47000
Cl 12700