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Anoos Black Expert

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Anoo's Black Xpert is a natural hair colouring powder that is 100% herbal. It is user-friendly and works well for men and women. It gives 100% grey hair coverage. This hair colour will not only cover grey hair but also impart a rich shine and colour to your hair. It is anti-dandruff and promotes hair growth. This ammonia-free formula treats dryness and dandruff issues as well. Henna and indigo provide smoothness, radiance, and deep colour to your hair. This product is rich in anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that keep your scalp healthy while promoting hair growth. It is a natural hair colour formula for your grey hair problem. Men can apply this colour to their beard and moustache as well. This is a perfect product for colouring hair without causing any skin irritation.

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  • 2100% vegan
  • 2no added ppd or gluten
  • 1very gentle
  • 1long lasting
  • 1unisex


  • 1long process
  • 1can stain your hands
  • 1slow results
  • 1not travel friendly

How To Use Anoos Black Expert ?

  • Make a smooth paste of Anoos henna.
  • Comb your hair well.
  • Wear gloves and apply the henna in segments of your hair.
  • Appy thoroughly.
  • After a couple of hours rinse the henna and wash your hair.
  • Make a thick paste of Indi black powder with hot water.
  • After 5-6 hours, apply the Indiblack paste. This is to be done for the first time.
  • Gradually, for your next uses, the time gap can be taken down.

Anoos Black Expert Uses And Benefits :

Colour stays more than a week.

Gives a natural looking black hair.

Reduces hair fall and controls dandruff.

Prevents premature greying.

100% grey coverage.

Protects against pollution.

Anoos Black Expert Ingredients :



Anoos Black Expert Shades :


Anoos Black Expert Side Effects :

Henna may cause dryness.

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Anoos Black expert Preity approves this product

3 months ago


100% Vegan

No added PPD or gluten

My mummy use Anoo's Black Xpert hair dye . It is a natural hair dye which does not have any colours and is hundred percent herbal dye. It also hides the ageing effects and colors all the grey hair. It does not leave any side effects on the hair and does not cause any loss to the hair. It is an user friendly dye that can be used by the men and women too. It also helps in promoting the hair growth and also locks the mositure in the hair. It is free form harsh chemicals and also does not contain ammonia. It locks radiance and leaves shine on the hair. It has anti fungal properties and does not let the hair gets dried away.

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Natural hair dye Shruti approves this product

3 months ago


Very gentle

Long lasting


This perfect hair colouring solution that is made up of herbal products is absolutely safe for those who have sensitive scalp and skin. This hair dye is ammonia free and does not have any unwanted fragrance. It is rich in antifungal and antibacterial properties and does not allow skin irritations or scalp irritations. It gives a natural color to the hair and it stays for quite a long time. It is a unisex product and can be used by men to use it on their beards and moustache as well. It is easy to use and apply. It gives a natural shine to the hair and also prevents hair loss.

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