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2 years ago

five senses!


Refreshing taste

Easy to brew

Zero sugar added

easy to use

Apis Five Senses Green Tea was and still is my go to drink product whenever I feel i want to have something hot. I actually stopped having coffee and tea. I wanted to switch to having a healthy lifestyle and yes the first step towards that is that i started to drink the Apis Five Senses Green Tea. the product not just helped me in weight management it actually helped me with the skin clearing out on all the impurities as well. The product is very tasty when mixed with lemon and honey. I will definitely recommend this one as this is a great product to use as an alternative for tea or coffee.

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2 years ago

awesome product


Nice taste

controls fat

I been using green tea for a long time because of its antioxidant properties. My friend got me this Apis Five Senses Green Tea when she went for a trip. She says this is the one she is been using for long and it is made from unoxidized green tea leaves. I am using this for a month now. It has a very nice smell and a refreshing taste. I love to have a sip of it in the morning, which gives me a good start for the whole day. It is a good immunity booster too and it helped me to control the cholesterol and improves my health.

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2 years ago

Stay fit and active


Provides multiple health benefits

Weight management

I reluctantly started taking green tea very recently understanding its importance in providing health benefits. It was tough to taste the tea initially. Gradually, I got habituated to its taste. I feel very refreshed and light after having a cup of green tea. It is power boosted with anti oxidants that helps to combat the free radical attack on the body. This tea helps to maintain a balanced good cholesterol level. Apis five senses is one such product that has provided many health benefits. It keeps a check on my body weight. This helped to stay fit and active all day long.

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2 years ago

Apis Five Senses Green Tea


Smells good

Refreshing tatse

We all are aware that Green tea is one of the best herb that is good at fighting signs of aging, it is rich in anti-oxidants, fights bad cholesterol etc. As of now we find a lot of brands offering green tea bags. I have been using a particular brand for couple of years, One of my friends introduced me to Apis Five Senses brand, I tried there Green Tea. It is good and also the aroma is soothing and calming. This is the best thing that can be consumed in the mornings. I like the flavor of the tea. The packing is durable and travel friendly.

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2 years ago

Refreshing Taste


Zero Sugar Added

Nice Taste

Easy To Brew

I used to worry about my weight, and one of my friends suggested me this. I started using this and noticed the changes in my body within one week. Extra body fats have been reduced, and also I could feel refreshed all day. It even controlled my blood sugar levels and provided a healthy glow to my skin. Its aroma makes me feel refreshed, and I was drinking this once or twice a day.

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2 years ago

Best for refreshing feeling


I some how was not able to get rid of my addiction towards caffeine. I started drinking so many brands green tea but was not able to settle doen on one as did not like the taste much. It was when I got t know about Apis Five Senses Green Tea I was really surprised with the way it tastes and made up my mind to buy this one. It not only got me out of my addiction but also gives a refreshing feeling every time I have it. The best part is over the period of time my skin now looks much younger as compared to earlier.

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Apis Five Senses Green Tea is made from unoxidized green tea leaves. It is loaded with antioxidants which helps in reducing the damage to the cells due to free radicals. It also has anti-ageing benefits for the skin. Green tea is excellent for weight management and controlling blood sugar levels. It boosts the metabolism and helps you stay fit and active all the time. This green tea has vitamin C which is an immunity booster. It also has proteins for nourishment. It does not have any fat and is also very less on carbs.

How To Use Apis Five Senses Green Tea ?

  • Add hot water over one tea bag in a cup.
  • Allow it to infuse for 2-3 minutes.
  • You may add lemon or honey for flavour.
  • Sip it hot.

Apis Five Senses Green Tea Benefits And Uses :

  • Helps in slowing down skin ageing.
  • Keeps the body active.
  • Improves metabolism and helps stay active all day long.
  • Aids in healthy weight loss.
  • Fights free radicles.

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