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Hair growth


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Arish Bionaturals Hair Vita Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.3

5 Reviews


2 years ago

Arish bio naturals hair vita


Herbal ingredients

Arish bio naturals hair vita is formulated with the richness of vitamin e essential oils, acetate, bioting, methi, amla powder, jata mansi, bhringraj, jabaphool, naghkesar which are all considered to be the herbal shrubs and herbs. These herbal ingredients are mixed and infused with the scientific techniques to reduce hair fall and cure hair related issues. Arish bio natural hair vita is an jadi buti oil which makes the hair become healthier with its old techniques. It cleanses the scalp deeply and does not let dandruff ad its flakes stays on it. Also, this bio natural oil helps in reducing the sweaty oil and stimulates the growth of the hair. it helps in removing the dandruff stay away and nourishes each strand of the hair. it also helps in removing the split ends a from the hair and cures the damage hair. this oil helps the hair look shinier and flawless with its enriching ingredients

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2 years ago

good one


Herbal ingredients

My cousin has heavy hair fall and dandruff. She was very frustrated about it. Then her friend suggested her to use this Arish Bionaturals Hair Vita. She is been using it for some time now. She says this product has improved her hair growth and controlled dandruff and itchy scalp. Massaging it on the scalp strengthens the roots and makes the hair volumised. Her hair looks very shiny and healthy. It has all the essential oils that help to stimulate hair growth. Since it is 100% Natural product with no chemical, preservative and artificial colour it is safe for regular use. This has no harsh chemicals to damage the hair follicles and strands. Arish Bionaturals Hair Vita is the most authentic and effective hair fall repair product. She says the split ends issue she had is fast recovered. Since it comes from the reputed manufactures of herbal cosmetic products we can assure of the quality..

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2 years ago



My friend was experiencing a lot of hair fall and dandruff on her scalp. The dandruff made her feel extremely itchy and she found it very embarrassing to deal with it. She read about the Arish Bio natural hair Vita and decided to try it. She ordered it online and the product comes packaged in a white colour bottle with a silver rim on the top. The product has a spray mechanism which enabled her to dispense the product with ease without wastage of the product. The texture of the product is lightweight and non greasy and glided onto her hair with complete ease. She applied the Hair Vita on damp hair by gently spraying some of the product on the palm of hand and gently massaging it all over the hair till it got absorbed. She would then gently comb her hair and leave it on for 3 to 4 hours and wash it off with a mild shampoo. She gradually saw a reduction in her hair fall and dandruff issue.

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2 years ago

Hair Vita


Plant based hair supplement

I have been having hair fall for a long time and so many products claim to help but nothing has been good for me. I found out about Arish Bionaturals Hair Vita from an Ayurveda doctor, he explained that this is an herbal-based hair nourishment supplement. I thought of giving it a try since it was safer than the chemically loaded products. I purchased the bottle and started to use after a week’s time. I started to apply the liquid to the roots at night on alternate days and used herbal shampoo to wash my hair. I don’t have dense hair and the length is also medium, so this is a perfect product which does not feel sticky or heavy on the scalp. It is better now and the hair fall seems to be reducing. Some of the ingredients in this hair product are nagkeshar, jabaphool, bhringraj, jatamansi, methi, amla, bioting, vitamin E and acetate.

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2 years ago

Hair tonic


Herbal ingredients

While making decisions for hair and skin care products it is very important to be wise and research full or one might end up being trapped with wrong products. I feel Arish Bionaturals Hair Vita is one such wise decision that I opted fro in my life. It has helped me in eradicating most of the issues that I was facing related to my hair. As this is herbal initially I used to think that if it does not have any positive effects on my hair it would not have negative too. I hence started using it on a regular basis. It reduced my hair fall problem to such a great extent. This is a permanent product in my to buy list now. Ever since I started using this I have realised that over the period of time my dandruff problem has also vanished. I simply love this one and would recommend to all.

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For a decade now, Anupama Bio Naturals Pvt. Ltd. has been the prime manufacturer of a premium range of herbal cosmetics products. It combines traditional, authentic herbs with modern scientific techniques that give you healthy beauty. Arish Bionaturals Hair Vita helps to control hair loss and dandruff. It keeps the hair shiny and healhy. Arish Bionaturals Hair Vita helps to stimulate the hair root promoting hair growth. It comes with nagkeshar, jabaphool, bhringraj, jatamansi, methi, amla, bioting, vitamin E and acetate.

How To Use Arish Bionaturals Hair Vita ?

  • Gently massage on the scalp and hair as required.
  • Comb and detangle the hair.

Arish Bionaturals Hair Vita Benefits And Uses :

  • Control hair loss
  • Removes dandruff
  • Keeps the hair shiny and healthy

Arish Bionaturals Hair Vita Ingredients