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Arish Tan Clear Cream Ingredients

Vitamin C
Wheat germ oil
Aswagandha (Withania seminifere) extract
Haridra (Cur uma longa) extract
Sweatchandan (Santalum album) extract
Chanaka (Cicer arietinum) extract
Tartazine yellow 19140
Mixed fruit

Arish Tan Clear Cream Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.3

5 Reviews


1 year ago

Tan Remover!




Arish Tan Clear Cream is the best cream when it comes to taking your tan off your face. This cream i have used during the nights whenever i go out in the sun. A little bit of sun rays is always ok but then the noon’s sun rays are extremely harmful and they cause a proper sunburn. To make sure my skin gets relieved from the sun burns, I use the Arish Tan clear cream. The good thing about this cream is the Ingredients. Haridra, sweatchandan, ashwagandha, and wheat germ oil are the essential ingredients in this Tan clear cream. These ingredients help to remove the tan of your skin caused by sunburn. The very good thing about this cream is that it is free from all chemicals and also paraben. That's like an amazing thing to be for something that makes the skin look natural and clear. I will definitely recommend this one to all those who roam in the sun the entire day!

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1 year ago

Herbal product


Arish Tan Clear Cream is a herbal product that is specially made for removing tan from the skin. I used it after I got severely tanned while my visit to a water park last Summer. This is a cream which can be used at any time of the day but I would suggest using it at night so that it can work overnight in repairing the skin and reversing the tan. It has ingredients like Swetchandan, wheatgerm oil and Ashwagandha which have soothing effects on the skin. It immediately soothes the Sunburnt skin and starts working on the new cell regeneration process. After a few days of application you can see the results as the skin gets back to normal. I quite like the aroma of this cream because it is herbal and has no artificial fragrances added to it. I would recommend using this cream if you have tanned skin. Total value for money!

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1 year ago

Arish Tan Clear Cream


Skin nourishing.

Reduces skin darkness.

No Paraben formula.

Works like a sun protection.

Last summer has been too bad for me, My sensitive skin got dull and severely tanned. after a few months of home remedies when I did not see any change in my skin, I had to opt for a advice from the physician. I took help from an ayurvedic doctor, who suggested me Arish Tan clear cream. I have been using the cream for the last 3 weeks at night. After cleaning my face with a cleanser I apply the cream and massage. I see that the tan has come down a bit, it will take time since this is a chemical-free cream. The cream is rich in Haridra, Sweatchandan, Aswagandha, and Wheatgerm oil. The skin that has a sunburn is better now as compared to early days. It is a suitable cream for sensitive skin type also. This cream can be used on a long term basis.

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1 year ago

Tan removing effective cream




Last summer holidays I went to Kerala with my family and even with double-checking the packing I lost I forgot to keep a sunscreen for me. I have sensitive skin and not every sunscreen suits me. Thus I got tanned. After the vacation when I return I was looking for some product or cream which can remove my tan and I got this Arish tan clear cream. The cream comes in a tub packaging which is transparent to see the product inside and the white screw cap on top. The cream is yellow in color due to its ingredients. The cream has all the natural and organic ingredients like Haldi, ashwagandha extracts, chickpea extracts, Indian sandalwood extract, and wheat germ oil. It is an herbal product and suits every skin type even the sensitive skin. I would use it daily before going to bed as recommended. I would apply over my face, neck, legs and hands and let it work on skin whole night. It helps in removing the tan caused by overexposure in sun, reduce the dark spots and pigmentation form due to it and brightens the skin tone by restoring the natural color of your skin. Because if all the contents used in this cream are natural and good, the cream does not irritate the skin. I also nourish the skin very well.

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1 year ago

Effective and Affordable Sun Tan Removal Cream !!




Herbal Ingredients

After a recent vacation, my skin was tanned so much and my regular home remedies were not working out well . I started to look out for some solution and ended up getting this Arish Tan clear cream which one of my friend suggested . It is a night cream, which comes in a tub form that is sturdy and travel friendly ,but not hygienic to use . The tan cream is made up of herbal ingredients like haridra , sweatchandan, ashwagandha wheat germ oil, which effectively works on removing the tan in a very short period of time . I used this miracle cream on a regular basis every night, which in the first few uses made my dry skin so fresh and soft than before . After 3- 4 weeks my skin was bright and it effectively removed the tan and made my skin glowing .They also treated my few light dark spots . I was able to get back to my original skin tone and the herbal cream did not damage my dry skin, rather made it healthier and moisturized. A very affordable yet a very effective sun tan cream that works well on sun tan . A much recommended and a must try product if you are looking for the best sun tan removal cream !!

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Arish Tan Clear Cream is a night cream that helps to reduce tanning caused due to sunburn. It is prepared from natural herbal ingredients like haridra, sweatchandan, aswagandha, and wheatgerm oil. These ingredients helps to remove the tan of your skin caused by sunburn. It helps in making your skin bright. It also effectively removes skin spots when used regularly. It is free from any harsh chemicals and parabens. This can be used as an alternative to sunscreen. If applied regularly at night, this cream nourishes your skin in a way that it protects your skin from tanning without any use of sunscreen.

How To Use Arish Tan Clear Cream ?

  • Apply all over your face, neck, shoulder and all the affected areas at night.

Arish Tan Clear Cream Benefits And Uses :

  • Effectively removes suntan.
  • Reduces dark spots.
  • Restores natural skin color.