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Aroma Magic Anti Ageing Combo Pack Ingredients

Orange Extract
Lavandula Angustifolia Essential Oil
Lemongrass Oil
Eucalyptus Oil
Citrus Sinensis Peel Powder
Rubia Cordifolia Powder Extract
Nelumbium Speciosum Flower Essential Oil
Pogostemon Cablin Leaf Powder
Indian Pennywort extract

Aroma Magic Anti Ageing Combo Pack Reviews

Avg Ratings : 4.3

7 Reviews


1 year ago

Great combo


I have used a few Aroma Magic products before and liked the results. So, I thought of picking up this Aroma Magic Anti Ageing Combo Pack which was available online. This has a pack of two products in one. The contents of the pack are a gel and a face pack which is specially made by keeping in mind the requirements of ageing skin. The gel has a moisturizing and nourishing effect on the skin. It tightens the pores and makes it look younger. The face pack is enriched with essential oils and clays to make the skin radiant and clear. It helps in toning the skin and makes it younger looking in just a few uses. being made from natural ingredients and free from harmful chemicals, it is completely safe to use it on sensitive skin types too. I would definitely recommend this combo for preventing the signs of ageing and maintaining a youthful glow.

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1 year ago

Works Great


Hygienic packaging

Fresh feel

Instant glow

Natural ingredients

Tightens skin

Herbal fragrance

Aroma Magic Anti Ageing Combo Pack helps to smoothen the skin, tightens the pores and decreases the appearance of wrinkles and other aging signs. My skin was beginning to get dull, and I wanted to use something to arrest the aging signs. This combo pack comes with a gel and a face pack. It has to be mixed together to form a paste. The paste is not very smooth. It has some granules. It acts like exfoliator while washing the face pack. It has a nice herbal fragrance. As soon as you wash off, you can see a noticeable glow immediately and it stays for few days too. This face pack has tightened my skin. It has a nice feel to my skin also. My skin feels bright and fresh. A very good product full of natural ingredients and works great.

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1 year ago

Good Product


Evens out the skin tone.

Natural Ingredients.

Suitable for every skin type.

Overall the product is good, if only the packaging was a little less messy. It smells very natural and gives skin a distant glow over time. Does not dry out the skin. Has a thick consistency. All products of Aroma Magic show results, not even one product that I have used has had a bad review from my end.

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1 year ago



My sister was looking out for an effective remedy to tighten her skin and reverse the signs of ageing on her face. She read about the Aroma magic anti ageing combo pack and decided to buy it. The product comes packaged in a plastic case which contains the pack and the gel. The Aroma magic forming glow pack comes in a tub packaging with a twist open cap.It has a few sachets of the face pack inside. The Aroma magic forming comes in peach colour bottle with white flip open cap. My sister had to mix the pack and the gel together to make a paste and then she applied it on the entire face and neck on all the areas which were affected with wrinkles and fine lines. She left the pack on for a good 15 minutes and then she washed it off with water till it was effectively removed. Her skin instantly looked more radiant and felt more soft after usage. She used this pack for a month and she could see great reduction in the fine lines and her skin felt more tighter and youthful.

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1 year ago

Aroma magic pack


Convenient Packaging.

Noticeable results.

Evens out the skin tone.

My aunt is of mid age but has wrinkles and fine line son her face because of which she looks very aged.she used to regularly visit parlours and took skin care treatment too but they were effective only for few days and again the same ageing signs were visible. Then I bought her aroma magic Firming Gel and Aroma Magic which I found is a skin care essentials which one must add definitely in there beauty care regimen. This ageing pack helps in firming the wrinkles and fine lines and make them tighten from within resulting no visible fine lines Firming Glow Pack. These pack is enriched with Aroma therapy which is truly an skin care essentials that helps to smoothen the skin surface and rejuvenates the skin cells and make the skin look healthier. It helps in tightening up the skin pores and there by reduces and make the appearance of wrinkles , fine lines and other ageing signs

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1 year ago

Good one but takes time to show results


Aroma magic is a good brand and their products are also available in the stores near my home. These products are really good but take some time to work. I love use face pack for my face as it soothes my skin and keeps me refreshed. This Aroma Magic Anti Ageing Combo Pack consists of two products firming gel and a pack. This product is available at an affordable price and it is also good. The gel and face pack has to be mixed together to form a paste, then apply it on a cleansed skin and allow it to dry for about 20 minutes. You could wash your face with normal water and then pat it dry. you will not be able to see the results after the first time of usage but after using it for 4 to 5 times, you could see your skin has tightened and has become firm than before. it is a good one that it does not irritate skin and also does not causes any breakout even on oily skin like mine.

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1 year ago

Best Face Pack


Face Packs have become necessity now a days. I was looking for a face pack and came across to this Aroma Magic Anti Ageing Combo Pack and used it for more than 4 times. It really works on skin well. It keeps the nourish and lighten. It removes the excess oil from skin. It is best for those who have oily skin.

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This Anti-ageing face pack is a combination of Aroma Magic Firming Gel and Aroma Magic Firming Glow Pack. These Aromatherapy skincare essentials help to smoothen and rejuvenate the skin. It tightens up the pores and thereby decreases the appearance of wrinkles and other ageing symptoms. It refines the skin to add a natural glow to your skin. 100% free from Parabens, and other harsh chemicals, it provides the subtle glow to the face. With its Natural ingredients Kaolin Clay and Calamine, it exfoliates the dead skin, thereby making the skin texture soft, smooth, tightened and hydrated. Essential Oils like Lavender, Rose and Lotus Flower adds further nourishment, moisture and protection.

How To Use Aroma Magic Anti Ageing Combo Pack ?

  • Clean your face with your favourite face wash and pat dry.
  • Now, mix one sachet of Aroma Magic Firming glow pack with Aroma Magic Firming gel, and form a smooth paste.
  • Apply this paste on your face and neck and leave it for 20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes, rinse your face with fsh water and pat dry.
  • For optimal results, you can use this face pack twice in a day.

Aroma Magic Anti Ageing Combo Pack Benefits And Uses :

  • Lightens the skin tone.
  • Minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Boosts skin tightening.
  • Helps in skin smoothening.